The Remarkable Services that are offered by Copa Star

Copa Star is an innovative medical facility that is famous for providing top-notch health care to its clients. The premises of the hospital are at Copacabana, Brazil. It is regarded as one of the world’s most futuristic medical centers and has several features that make it highly exceptional. The facility offers a lot of luxury, and its interiors have been designed like a five-star hotel. It has high-quality furniture, spongy couches, and homey lighting. The place has several pieces of art that are displayed in its hallways. The hospital owns a beautiful gallery that has 231 paintings that were painted by Yutaka who is a renowned Japanese artist.

The architecture designs of Copa Star are breathtaking. Its buildings show a correct image of a world-class medical facility. It has wide hallways that are always clean and are highly decorated. The hospital also has various wards that have been set aside for quick transit doctors and nurses. Copa Star is recognized for its luxurious accommodation services. The rooms that are offered to the patients have excellent designs, and they can only be compared to five-star hotels. They all have a coffee table and armchairs as well as a comfortable couch.


Copa Star currently serves as a good example to Brazilian hospitals. It is committed to improving the health services that are offered in the country. The hospital has coached its doctors and other employees to handle all guests and patients with great hospitality. According to them, individuals need more than just medicine for them to recover well. The staff members ensure that the patients have everything that they need. They believe that having a calm environment and being surrounded by kind people assists one to heal faster. The hospital is located close to an ocean, and it enjoys a cool breeze that makes its environment tranquil. Copa Star is the pioneer five-star medical center in Brazil. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The hospital is dedicated to using top notch technology in running all its activities. It has a hospitality computer system, which is used in ensuring that the patients can operate well when they are at the facility. They are offered iPad that have programs designed to manage various activities at the medical center. The hospitality program enables them to access their medical report and also communicate with the doctors. The patients can also control the room’s activities such as open and closing of curtains, the posture of the bed, and temperatures. Copa Star has expensive cardiac and neurosurgery machines that can be used in handling complicated medical conditions. It also has intensive care units that are well maintained and are fully operational. The ICUs have video conferencing that allows people to communicate with their loved ones who are isolated.

Felipe Montoro Jens and Edison Carlos Shares Their Thoughts on Waste Management

The government will use concessions to address basic sanitation problems in the country. Recently, the government entered into a partnership deal with National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) in a private initiative aimed at improving waste management services regarding both structure and resources. According to Edison Carlos on, president of Trata Brasil, public power in Brazil accounts for up to 90 percent of basic sanitation services in the country, with state organizations serving 70 percent. He, therefore, emphasized the importance of private initiatives in sanitation services in the country, noting that they will complement the government’s efforts in managing waste.

Wastage in State Companies

Edison dissected the issue further in an interview where he revealed the role BNDES will play in the deal. According to him, the bank will survey the sanitation situation in different states and then develop projects specifically customized to serve the needs of each particular state. In the same interview on
, Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure expert, blamed the waste problem in the country on financial wastage by state water companies. He pointed out that private initiatives had the potential of saving the situation since they are better equipped in terms of technology and finances. Felipe Montoro Jens, however, challenged public institutions to check on waste in order to invest in improved sewage networks.

Asked to comment on which between public and private companies serve the public most efficiently, Edison said that a company’s efficiency and administration are not necessarily correlated at On his side, Montoro said public institutions ought to be more vigilant when incurring a cost.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure expert. He did his bachelor’s degree at Getulio Vargas Foundation and his post-graduate studies at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Currently, he is a senior worker at Energipar Captacao S.A as the CEO.

Prior to his current job, Felipe Montoro Jens served as a director at three different companies: Braskem S.A for two years, Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A., and Santo Antonio Energia S.A.

Robert Santiago Continues to Expand His World-Class Manaira Shopping Mall

The Brazilian coastal state of Paraiba is renowned for many fantastic things. There are endless beaches, fine food and excellent cuisine and of course, the friendly locals. The Brazilian state is abundantly endowed with remarkable shopping centers a perfect example being the grand Manaira Mall situated in the pristine neighborhood of Joao Pessoa.

Quick Facts about Manaira Mall

  1. It’s construction work commenced on November of 1989.
  2. The mall’s slogan is, ‘Always Thinking About You.’
  3. The entire complex covers a total area of 92,500 square meters
  4. It is owned by the legendary millionaire investor, Robert Santiago
  5. The mall has a vast parking space capable of holding 3,180 vehicles
  6. Every month a traffic of well over 1.6 million shoppers goes through the mall

Inside the Mall

Revelers and shoppers alike get treated to a broad range of fun and recreational activities. There’s the world-renowned concert space called the Domus Hall. The stage of this hall has played host to countless national and international performances from leading artists like Jorge Mario da Silva, the ORappa band, and the singer, Ana Carolina.

Interested patrons can also lease out the space to hold their private functions like weddings, cultural fairs, and even graduation parties. The hall has a built-in capacity of up to ten thousand people standing and up to four thousand sitting revelers.

The premises are adequately served by high-end quality HVAC systems to create ideal micro-climate for the occupants. Folks come here in droves to enjoy the night clubs and the countless restaurants occupying the space. Read more

Endless Fun and Games

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall’s a great place for families. Here, they get treated to a unique selection of games like bowling and video arcade games. There are vendors all over to supply you with snacks and refreshments in case of the hunger sets in.

About the Owner, Robert Santiago

Robert Santiago is a native of the area. Buoyed by the excellent returns on his investment, Mr. Santiago went ahead to set up another mall in the city of Mangeira. Robert, 58, now loves to spend his time racing in motocross and Go-Kart competitions. He started his first business venture soon after completing his BA studies at the University Center of Koao Pessoa (UNIPE). View more at Blog Do Gordinho.