Waiakea Water Creates First Fully Degradable Plastic Bottle

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water has announced that it will start using fully degradable bottles for packaging purposes. The new package makes use of TimePlast, the only patented additive for Nano-degradation of plastic, and is also fully recyclable. Waiakea is also going to be the first company to use TimePlast on its already recycled bottles.

According to Ryan Emmons, CEO of Waiakea, making the new bottle meant taking a different approach at polymers. Ryan believes that such an invention has not been possible before since many types of research focused on strengthening and not weakening plastics. However, unlike others who leave the degrading to nature, Waiakea now prefer to chemically degrade their plastics during manufacture, a process that only speeds up the natural degradation process. Ryan Emmons explains that instead of making biodegradable plastic, they transform the plastic polymers into a carbon-based degradable wax.

Waiakea spent over five years and conducted more than 1,200 tests before they developed a bottle that resembled the common ones, and integrating the actual properties of a regular plastic was one of the toughest challenges. Nevertheless, it is understood that the cost of TimePlast additives should not cause worries since one pound is enough to modify a thousand pounds of plastic, a price the industry can absorb.

About Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012, and it focuses on the production of bottled water that has undergone unique processes that have positive effects on its consumers. The water the company packages originate from snowmelt and rain from the active Mauna Loa Volcano, located in Hawaii.

Since establishment, the company has experienced immense growth, going from selling just over 2,000 cases to over 120,000 in only over three years. This increase is all thanks to the local merchants, as well as national suppliers who started distributing the commodity.

Waiakea has also partnered with an organization like Pump Aid, which is dedicated to installing Elephant Pumps and has up to date been able to avail water to over one million individuals. Also, as of 2016, Waiakea stood as the most awarded beverage company in the United States.

Professional Dentist Avi Weisfogel Dedicates His Life to Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dentistry is a professional field that requires many skills to handle your patients. One dentist who has surely conquered this field is none other than dentist Avi Weisfogel. He is an educated professional who achieved BA in Psychology and Biology. He felt that being only a doctor was not enough to serve his clients. This was when he decided to change his dental skills to a large business serving the people, and this led him to be named as one of the most successful dentists of all times.

During his time there, Avi Weisfogel found that his patients were suffering from sleeping disorders, he could not rest until he could make sure that his clients spent comfortable nights, surely, his passion to serve his patients in the most satisfyingly was inevitable. This issue made him take another route course to study the issue and find a way to help his clients. It was at this point that he decided to establish the Healthy Heart Sleep Company. He combined efforts with physicians from all over the world and suggested the idea of establishing sleep labs; this idea did not bear enough fruits as it was not making any profits.

But profits were not his driving force as he decided to try out another means of helping more patients by lecturing other dentists on how to deal with patient’s disorders and also how to attract more patients through sharing his ideas. This was a perfect opportunity as he was able to have the chance to develop more criticism. This made him to find better ways to improve his skills and expand his business.
Through the process of working in helping his patients, he developed more knowledge on sleep apnea, which was affecting a high number of patients. He made sure that he mastered all about the disease and how to control its effects. This was a huge success, and since then, he has dedicated his life to use all the information and the knowledge he has in helping other dentists detect the illness from suffering patients and assist them in fighting the illness and live a productive life.

Daniel Taub Continues His Work To Make The World More Israeli-Friendly

Daniel Taub is a former diplomat who was raised in the U.K. that took over as the Israeli ambassador in 2011. Along with his Palestinian counterpart, he once traveled to Northern Ireland to learn from the peace negotiation process that was taking place there. He oversaw the doubling of trade between the U.K. and Israel during his four years as the Israeli ambassador.

The time also saw an increase in business, cultural, and academic bonds between the two nations and brought about a golden era in total trade the British Secretary of State for Business announced.

The fact is, that more than 300 Israeli businesses have opened up in the U.K. and close to $7 billion in bilateral trade occurred. Read more: In conversation with Mayor of London Boris Johnson

After George Galloway, who is the city of Bradford’s representative to parliament, said that his city was an Israel-free zone, Daniel Taub decided to visit anyways.

The move was seen as a defiant one, but Daniel saw it as a necessary action to take. Before this occurrence, in 2012, he spoke in an interview on the importance of every point of view being able to express itself on college campuses.

His main concern was that Israels point of view was being hampered due to an atmosphere of fear. This statement came from Daniel years before the largest student union in Britain took a vote that passed in order to boycott Israel. Now, there is a large divide between those who do and don’t want independence for Catalonia in northeast Spain. Read more: Daniel Taub | About

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Britain and is a writer, international lawyer, and director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. He attended the University College at London, the University College at Oxford, and Harvard University.

In 1989, Daniel Taub moved to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic. After this, he decided to become a part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

He has expertise with international law and counter-terrorism and has also provided legal advice for Israel’s missions to the United Nations in New York and Geneva.

Daniel Taub has written articles that have been published in the Guardian, The Times, the Huffington Post, the Daily Telegraph, and more, and he also wrote a book that offered thoughts on biblical weekly sessions, named, Parasha Diplomatit.

Today, Daniel Taub lectures and writes on negotiation theory and international law and looks to continue to make the world a better place for Israelis and everyone else living in it.

Securus Technologies deploys Stingray technology from Mid East battlegrounds

War has always been one of the chief drivers of innovation. From the airplane technology of the World War II era to the invention of nuclear power, many of the most ground-shaking inventions of the 20th century were a direct result of battlefield applications.


This remains true to the present day. Many of the recent wars that the United States have waged throughout the Middle East and elsewhere have proven to be fertile grounds for the discovery and development of highly innovative technologies. One such technology is the so-called Stingray system, which enables the user to locate all cellular devices with pinpoint accuracy as well as the capacity to spoof and intercept phone calls and other transmissions.


One somewhat unlikely application of this highly sophisticated technology has been its newfound use throughout the prisons of the United States. Securus Technologies has done a great deal to bring this technology to the U.S. prison system, where it is used to detect and intercept illicit cellular communications and to rid the prison itself of illegal cellular devices.


To understand exactly how important and powerful this technology is, one must understand the extent to which contraband cellular devices pose an existential threat to modern carceral facilities. Prison gangs use unauthorized communications devices to carry out ongoing criminal conspiracies, including authorizing drug deals on the outside and even instructing soldiers on the outside of prison to commit murders. These illegal devices have the potential to seriously destabilize the internal security of any prison.


But with Securus Stingray technology, the scourge of illegal cellular devices is finally being met head-on with effective countermeasures. In the institutions where the Stingray system has been deployed, guards have reported a reduction of up to 99 percent of unknown cellular device confiscation. This indicates that the system is almost completely effective in eliminating unauthorized cell phones.