Daniel Taub and The Importance of Peace and Diplomacy Between Countries

Relationships between countries can often times become exceedingly complicated because of what communities expect from their nation’s leaders and the diplomacy that has to be established between countries and people.


A peaceful relationship between nations can be affected by so many factors, sometimes even popular public opinion doesn’t really hold the best interests of the country, yet leaders must also make their domestic audience happy. That enters a problematic situation when the history of both nations show conflicts and unfinished businesses.


However, no matter what any of those factors indicate, when it comes to international policy and diplomacy, it is a universal rule to let cooler heads prevail. That philosophy of prevailing peace was what Daniel Taub provided in the foreign relations department of Israel to the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub is the former ambassador of Israel to the UK, and he retired in 2015. But his time as an ambassador was filled with diplomatic maneuvers that strengthen the international relations of UK and Israel for the better.


Daniel Taub was born and raised in the UK, and this was a crucial factor in him being chosen as the Israeli ambassador to the UK. Because for an ambassador to promote the strengthening of ties between countries, as well as the lowering of tensions and negotiations, he or she must know the country he or she is dealing with, and that includes the history, culture, and preferably the language as well.


Daniel was perfect for the job, and he strongly believed that the best thing to do for UK and Israel is to strengthen their technology and trade ties. Daniel Taub is largely credited for the incredible 8$ billion bilateral trade growth between the UK and Israel. He also introduced the start-up competition by Bizcamp in partnership with Google. Learn more: http://askreporter.com/2017/09/religion-should-have-a-place-at-the-negotiating-table-says-israeli-negotiator-daniel-taub/


During Daniel Taub’s time as the Israeli ambassador to the UK, over 300 businessmen from Israel have come to the UK to set up their businesses there. Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for Business, Skills, and Innovation, described Daniel Taub’s term as the golden age of trade between UK and Israel. And to show appreciation for Daniel’s work. He was nominated for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award


Because of Daniel Taub and his work as an Ambassador uniting the United Kingdom with Israel, there are hopes for the future of their relations, even possible business interactions. Now that England left the European Union, new allies are always significant signs of development.





Securus Technologies pushes to install Wireless Containment System in prisons across U.S.

The progress in cellular technology has been a major boon to most industries. With the price and size of cell phones radically shrinking, while the quality of calls has steadily improved, the cell phone industry has been adopted across more and more of the economy. Today, people who could not have dreamed that they would no longer even own a traditional telephone have cut the cord to their home phone lines for good, instead opting for the reliable and high-quality services of cellular providers.


However, there is one area in which the rapid decline of prices and increase in quality of cellular technology has been a curse rather than a blessing. Across the nation’s prison system, the last two decades have seen a proliferation of contraband cell phones that has continued to pose one of the gravest challenges to the U.S. prison system that it has ever faced.


What’s good for the economy is not always good for the law


The first cell phones were so large and cumbersome that they were rarely used outside the context of cars. These mobile telephones became known as car phones. In the early days of cellular networks, these car phones accounted for nearly the entirety of cellular communications. A feature of these car phones was their extraordinary price. In 1985, a typical phone unit might cost upwards of $6,000, in today’s dollars. The monthly usage bill for such a device often ran nearly half that again, meaning that only the wealthiest individuals could afford to maintain a lifestyle that included a cell phone.


This high price and association with the most successful people in the country made cell phones an unmistakable status symbol. This lasted through the 1980s and into the first years of the 1990s. But throughout the 90s, the price and size of cell phones began to radically diminish. By the mid-90s, handheld cell phones had replaced car phones as the main way in which people communicated over cellular networks. By the year 2000, a large percentage of the U.S. population was using cellular phones on a daily basis.


Throughout the 2000s, the first cheap and free cell phones began becoming available. What had once cost $6,000 was now routinely being given away for free as part of promotions. This had the consequence of flooding the nation’s prisons with cheap cell phones. Once these phones found their way into the hands of prison gang leaders, all kinds of grave criminality ensued.


Today, for the first time ever, Securus Technologies is offering a product that is 100-percent effective in blocking calls from contraband cell phones. Knows as the Wireless Containment System, it marks the final victory in the fight against the easy means of communication for prison gangs.


Alexandre Gama Inspires Success in Entrepreneurship

Alexandre Gama is a successful Brazilian entrepreneur with accomplishments in both the communication and advertising fields. He is inspirational for his dedication that gained him worldwide notoriety. Gama is the founder and CEO of one of the top advertising agencies, Neogama. He has earned many awards in his field including over 20 Lions from Cannes Festival.

Alexandre Gama got his start in 1982 as a copywriter for Ogilvy & Mather. He then lent his expertise to DM9 as a copywriter and creative director. Gama worked with a few leading agencies such as Almap BBDO and Young & Rubicam before founding Neogama in 1999. Neogama has been very successful, earning multiple Golden Lions along with the Caboré award in 2002.

Not only does he have a passion for advertising, but with music as well. In 2014, Gama started an acoustic guitar music project, Violab. The project promotes Brazilian musicians through a recording label and YouTube channel showcasing talented acoustic guitarists.



Cameron Clokie and Regenerative Medicine

Cameron Clokie studied at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and graduated as a dental surgery doctor. Mr.Clokie has prior extensive experience, going back decades, in the healthcare industry.

Up until 2017, when he retired, Cameron Clokie was a professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery at The University of Toronto. Cameron Clokie currently serves as the chief executive officer of Induce Biologics Inc. and head of the oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Induce Biologics Inc. specializes in regenerative medicine science. With his numerous contributions in the fields of science and medicine, Cameron Clokie has become one of the most profound people in his field. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: http://www.ideacity.ca/speaker/cameron-clokie/ and https://ca.linkedin.com/in/dr-cameron-clokie-136991109

Cameron Clokie has served in the clinical work and made some major breakthroughs in the field of bone research. Most of his papers and contributions have been published both locally and internationally.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie also has over 25 patents both in the United States of America and internationally. Mr.Clokie’s publications and research work contribute heavily to the field of bone reconstruction and regenerative work.

Cameron Clokie and the entire medical fraternity believe that regenerative medicine is the future of the medicine industry. In the future, Cameron Clokie says that people will be able to regrow broken bones and worn out ones can be quickly replaced.

Crunchase revealed that Cameron Clokie is credited for helping one Mr. Peter Russel grow back 7 centimeters of his jawline that he had previously lost to a benign tumor. The treatment was based on a research spearheaded by Dr. Clokie that involved introducing proteins into adult stem cells.

The proteins then transform the stem cells into bone tissue. The bone tissue then takes its natural course and grows filling the cavity. The entire clinical trial for the bone regeneration was considered a success.

Cameron Clokie has made major contributions to the fields of medicine through his presentations and written works. As the chief executive officer of Induce Biologist Inc., Cameron Clokie has overseen the company develop bioimplants critical to bone regeneration. Cameron Clokie’s science of bone regeneration is committed to reducing patient healing times and the need for second surgery.