Paul Mampilly Astonishing Investment Advice

Paul Mampilly is a renowned editor at Profits Unlimited. Paul is a technology expert who served in Wall Street for about twenty years before he started writing for Main Street Americans. Mampilly uses the knowledge he has gained over the years to give excellent investment advice and trends. Since Mr. Mampilly joined Profits Unlimited in 2016, it has managed to get 40, 000 subscribers who always seek his helpful investment advice on a monthly basis.

Paul has managed to help investors to generate 20, 45 and 116 percent profits by giving them the best investment options without risking much of their resources. There are several readers of Profits Unlimited who have recommended Paul’s investment articles saying that they made $5,000, $6000 and some up to $45, 190. They all said that they made such huge profits within a few months after following Mampilly’s advice. Follow Paul Mampilly on Twitter.

Paul Mampilly is an internationally recognized investor and a former manager at Hedge Fund. Some of the notable media that have featured Paul include Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC. Paul is also recognized for establishing Profits Unlimited which offers entrepreneurs with invaluable investment advice. Paul significantly contributes to the newsletter using his personal experiences, knowledge, and skills. Mampilly has managed to guide approximately 90,000 subscribers on Wall Street into business deals.

Even Though Paul was born in India, he was raised in the United States where his hard work and determination led him to join Wall Street. Paul Mampilly began his career in 1991 where he served at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He later left Bankers Trust and joined Deutsche Bank and ING where he managed millions of dollars. It is also worth noting that Paul worked at Sears and Royal Bank of Scotland where he served diligently.

The experiences he gained over the years made him a suitable manager at Kinetics Asset Management which was valued at $6 billion. After Paul joined Kinetics Asset Management, the company increased its value to approximately $25 billion. Paul started with an initial capital of $50 million which generated 76 percent returns within a year. This was a significant achievement for him because he made $33 million within one year. The astonishing thing is that Paul made these unbelievable profits during the economic crisis that occurred in 2008 and 2009. Paul has made not only huge profits for businesses but also in personal investments. For instance, he invested in Netflix where he made 634 percent profit. Visit:


Priceless Financial Freedom Insights by Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has been the editor of Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club and Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. Ted specializes in privacy, low-risk investment strategies, asset protection, and international migration problems. His job is to provide people with insight on what is happening in their economies, events and things that can affect their security, wealth, prosperity, and their freedom.

The Bauman Letter explains Ted Bauman’s mission of helping people to be in charge of their financial destiny. Through it, he gives insight on how to discover the joy of having personal freedom using realistic strategies that are action-oriented to grow individuals’ wealth. His tips are useful and direct one on how to protect their privacy to enable them to enjoy their dream life. This has always been his dream, and he has aimed his effort at directly impacting the people to be in touch with the resources they have to enable them to live in sovereignty away from corporate greed and governmental oversight.

Some of the Bauman Letter topics have been, how to eat like a king at half the cost, how to summer in a dream vacation spot for free & earn money doing it, and 7 secrets of doubling your retirement gains before you buy a single stock. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

Ted went to the University of Cape Town, South Africa graduating with postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. He was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland before immigrating to South Africa. He spent about 25 years in different executive roles mainly in the nonprofit sector as a fund manager for cost effective housing projects. The most outstanding has been the Slum Dwellers International which has touched more than 14 million individuals across 35 countries.

Commenting on the index-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) using market-cap weighting, Ted Bauman noted that its a highly concentrated portfolio of big-cap companies such as Apple. People invest their money in index-based ETFs without realizing that usually, large stocks perform worse than average stocks in the same industry. Ted Bauman advice people to invest in time-based strategies that are proven such as alternative-weighted index ETFs because, even if they do not win on a monthly basis, over time, they will generate enough excess returns.



Ian King and Crypto Abilities

Ian King is an entrepreneur who has a solid business background under his belt. He, at the same time, is also a trader who has expansive knowledge that involves the cryptocurrency world. He’s been working hard on trading matters for 20 years and counting now. He’s been assessing financial world details for equally long a span of time. He believes in the cryptoasset market in a big way. King, because of that, is an active Investopedia cryptoasset writer. People who read about cryptoassets on Investopedia more than likely are familiar with King’s insight and how his mind functions. He put together a creative program, too. The point of this program is to assist typical people with all of their investment wishes. He works to assist people who want to be able to comprehend cryptoassets like litecoin, bitcoin, monero and ripple.

Ian King is a Banyan Hill Publishing Senior Editor today. Banyan Hill Publishing is a United States entity that concentrates on investments. It concentrates on guiding individuals who want their investment efforts to be a lot more effective. It guides individuals who wants their investment attempts to be markedly more secure as well. Banyan Hill is a business that’s in Delray Beach, Florida. Read more about Ian King Banyan at

Ian King previously served as a Salomon Brothers desk clerk. He was part of the firm’s widely known mortgage bond trading sector then. He didn’t stay a desk clerk with the firm for too long. He got a position with a different company’s credit derivatives division. This company was Citigroup. He stayed at Citigroup for a while. King, after that, worked for Peahi Capital in New York, New York. Peahi Capital is a hedge fund that has many clients. He was the company’s head trader for 10 years. Trading options was the thing that kept him active there all day long.

This professional has been a hard worker at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2017. Although he’s a relatively new addition to the crew at Banyan Hill Publishing, he manages to blend in seamlessly with the rest of its knowledgeable editors and more. He likes assisting individuals who want to be powerful within the crypto arena. He edits a service that’s called Crypto Profit Trader. This is a beloved investment advisory that skillfully recognizes dependable crazes in the crypto realm. It makes use of a strong trading method that is composed of three components. Ian King Banyan writes for Sovereign Investor Daily, too.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Presents Info on New Child Services

There’s plenty of good news for families in the Rio de Janeiro area, according to the Projects of Infrastructure Specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens. The municipality has reportedly planned a major expansion of its child education network. The vehicle for this groundbreaking expansion is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP). And, what this expansion means to the children of Rio de Janeiro is pretty substantial. In fact, this particular project was specifically designed for the development of non-teaching services in the area, including construction, maintenance, and educational equipment. In addition, this project is aimed at the active creation of 20,000 new placements in the area’s day-care centers plus 40,000 in the pre-schools and all of that by the end of the year 2020! More info here.

The Mayor’s Pet Project

Marcelo Crivella is the mayor of Rio de Janeiro and he has been pushing these particular children’s issues for quite some time now. In fact, even prior to when he was a mayoral candidate, he made a point of illustrating how important it was that the municipality should make a serious commitment to the entire education sector but specifically to the Infant Education Units (EDIs).

EDI Project

So, who else is involved in this all-important project to benefit the children of Rio de Janeiro? The International Finance Corp. (IFC)’s World Bank Group is providing their consulting services to help with the modeling of this major educational project for implementation of the city’s new program designed to expand the current nursery school and pre-school network via the new PPP. According to a spokesperson for the IFC, they are planning to apply considerable financial resources, as well as their global experience, extensive expertise, and innovative thinking to assisting their partners with the necessary process of having to overcome financial, operational, and political challenges.



Matt Badiali and Zinc Investment

Matt Badiali thinks that natural resource patterns stay consistent for several years at a time. He said that the zinc bear market started at the beginning of 2011. He said that it remained intact for half a decade as well. There aren’t many investors who ride the wave for the entire time. After bear markets start getting traction, the majority of investors become unhappy. They respond by selling, too. They travel to different divisions to earn more. Bull markets that involve the natural resources world, though, are a whole other ballgame. They make people fret incessantly. People who read an online newsletter that’s called Real World Strategist often shoot emails that discuss that topic in considerable detail. People feel anxious when prices don’t get higher on a daily basis. The reality is straightforward. There aren’t any bull markets out there that smoothly skyrocket. People who pay any attention to the zinc scene at the moment can tell that with their very own eyes. Zinc prices were $0.66 for each pound in January of 2016. They’re now $1.45 for each pound. Although that gain is indisputably sizable, it’s in no way, shape or form one of a kind. There have been many gains of that size. Read more:

Zinc prices went from $0.45 for each pound to $an impressive $1.22 for each pound starting in December of 2008 going into January of 2010. That describes a gain of 154 percent. It was for a span of 25 months total as well.

Matt Badiali is a renowned member of the staff at Banyan Hill Publishing in Delray Beach, Florida right now. He skillfully edits Real Wealth Strategist. This is a thorough Internet newsletter that helps people with their natural resource investments. Badiali is a talented geologist. He, at the same time, is also a passionate investor. His aim with Real Wealth Strategist is to assist individuals who wish to access substantial gains quickly. Badiali writes helpful pieces that cover all sorts of relevant topics within the investment division. He writes about subjects like gold mining, electrical grid adjustments, cryptocurrencies, agricultural stocks, mining stocks, oil production and uncommon metals. People who want to learn about any of these things can trust Badiali.

Matt Badiali has quite a few respectable colleagues at Banyan Hill Publishing. Some of his colleagues are internal analyst Ian Dyer, Freedom Alliance Chairman Robert E. Bauman and Senior Editor Michael Carr.

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Staffing When Needed: Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is a busy man these days. He is a chiropractor and a CEO. He helped found a company called HCRC Staffing in 2007. In the ten years since he has helped numerous physicians find quality candidates for open positions. His primary focus is in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. He also went to the University of Delaware where he majored in exercise science and received his degree. After that goal was completed he moved on to New York Chiropractic College. He studied there for four years and received his official degree as a doctor of chiropractic. The heart of HCRC is Brian Torchin and here is how the company works.

HCRC works by providing staffing and consulting services to medical offices. Brian knows from personal experience how hard finding a qualified candidate in the medical field can be and he wanted to help new healthcare businesses with finding candidates who can do the job at hand. Brian’s goal with the company is that once a job has been posted then he wants to fill the job within a three-day window.

The staffing services at HCRC can help a new healthcare business fill many different types of position in the medical field. Some of the positions that HCRC can help with include the following: Front desk receptionists, doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, and many other medical-related jobs. HCRC also goes the extra mile for their clients by helping the company conduct an interview with the potential worker. The final step for HCRC after a candidate has been selected for the company is contract negotiations. By doing these things clients can rest easy knowing that they have a suitable candidate for the specific need at hand. That is the core of HCRC Staffing and what they are all about.

This is a project that has made Brian Torchin very happy. He now can not only help people with medical issues but help businesses just starting out and those who have been in the field for a long time. He is getting the best of both worlds literally and figuratively. Visit:

Southridge Capital for Your Financial Worries

Financial problems can happen at virtually any time. One of the main issues that people deal with nowadays is debt problems. Debt is becoming an increasingly problematic issue because of how massive it can get. The most common cause for debt is credit cards. People often take out credit cards and spend too much, thus wracking up a huge bill with interest included. This can create major debt problems and other problems as well. Likewise, credit score problems can arise and cause havoc in your life, preventing you from taking out loans and other mortgages that you will need to get ahead in life.

If you’ve been having issues with this and know that it is time to get help, it is time to consider hiring a company like Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital has been in the business of financial solutions for years. They work with a lot of different situations, which can be a great way to encourage you to get a head in life and finally put those problems behind you once and for all. Now, you’re able to get ahead in life without the issues that have held you back for years, especially if you have been living under an enormous sea of debt. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Southridge has the experience to handle all types of problems, including both individual and business finance. This means that they can help the little man just as much as someone who owns a large corporation and needs financial help. No matter the type of help that you need, it is time to consider contacting Southridge Capital and seeing if they are there for you when you need it the most. Southridge Capital has been working with loads of different people and know that they can assist in all different ways. Make sure that you consider this for your own benefit and see what they are going to charge for the specific service that you are going to want and need to get done for this purpose. Now is a great time to make use of Southridge Capital and see if they can help. You can visit for more.

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Igor Cornelsen: An Expert In Investing On Damaged Stocks

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most noted Brazilian investors and a retired banker. He is currently working for BrainBridge Group where he helps the company to invest in the stock market, commodity investment and foreign exchange investment. Igor Cornelsen had a brilliant banking career in Brazil and became one of the top-notch bankers of the country. Igor Cornelsen worked in some of the largest banks in Brazil and helped in managing an enormous percentage of the nation’s gross economy.

Igor is currently settled in South Florida where he spends most of the time indulging in his favorite hobby of golf. He involves himself in investment works as an active part of his career. He also works as a consultant for the banking industry as well as the investment company. The added advantage is his vast experience of dedicating his life in the financial institutions.

Igor is famous for his ultimate strategy of investing in damaged stocks and thus, avoiding damaged companies. He has an impressive technique of tracking the damaged stocks of companies due to temporary setbacks in the market. However, he knows how to warn the investors of the businesses that are completely damaged without any chance of recovery in their damaged stocks. He offers financial advice as a proprietor in Bainbridge. He effectively manages time between Brazil and South Florida. He joined Bainbridge Inv Inc in 2013.

According to Igor Cornelsen, China is the Brazil’s biggest trade partner as well as the greatest competitor regarding the export of industrialized goods to Latin American countries. He believes that before investing in any country; one should be aware of its trading partners also. Igor believes that for minimization of risks, it is important for all investors to diversify their portfolios. He believes that a diversified portfolio has more potential to gain more revenues. He also suggests people to start investing in the start of the career. He believes that every time is a good time for buying stocks and it is better to start sooner than later. Before making any investment, he suggests the investors study the full long-term potential goal of the company correctly.

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Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC – Restoring the Brilliance of Dubai

Hussain Sajwani DAMAC Owner, came from a family of entrepreneurs. His father was a retail shop owner who sold imported items from China, Parker pens, watches, and shirts to name a few. Hussain Sajwani was able to get a scholarship grant from the government that allowed him to study in the United States. He is one of the very few who were able to secure the cited scholarship.



Hussain Sajwani studied and finished Economics and Industrial Engineering at Washington University. He began his employment with the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries’s finance department. Then after two years, he started a catering business that served the U.S. Military and Bechtel. The name of his food service company is Global Logistics Services, which as of this time is still in operation.



After he established DAMAC Properties in 2002 to take benefit from the government decree that foreigners are allowed to own properties in Dubai, the company quickly grew, and soon it was able to finish the construction of 19,000 apartments plus 44,000 more which are in numerous stages of being completed and constructed. Having expanded profitably, DAMAC Properties was registered at the Dubai Financial Market – stock exchange entity based in Dubai.



As a real estate development firm that is reputable, DAMAC Properties was able to construct some properties for prominent individuals and companies known globally. DAMAC built the villas by Versace and Fendi – the fashion houses from Italy; the luxurious villas designed by Bugatti; the Paramount Hotel and Resorts owned by Paramount Pictures; and the Trump World Golf Course that is supervised by the Trump Organization, which was conceptualized by Tiger Woods.



DAMAC and Hussain Sajwani support various charities at home and abroad. Helping through donations is a way for Hussain Sajwani to give back to society, to help those in need and who are less fortunate. He donated 1 million AED for the refugees in Lebanon and Jordan who were stricken by the “Huda,” and has been continuously giving support to the “Tarahamu” drive through the UAE Red Crescent. And he likewise donated 2 million AED for the campaign of “to dress one million needy children.”


Follow Hussain Sajwani on twitter.


Philanthropist And CEO Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is a Yale graduate with a BS and MS degree in mathematics. He also received a JD from Harvard University. With such a list of accomplishments, what more could be said about the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Ltd?

Apparently, plenty because his philanthropy is even more talked about than his business success. Anthony Petrello along with his wife Cynthia are some of the biggest donors of Houston, Texas. One such cause the Petrello’s have taken on which is close to his family’s heart concerns his daughter Carena.

Tony and Cynthia’s daughter Carena was born prematurely. She suffered from a neurological disorder, Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL). While the Petrellos searched worldwide for someone who could treat Carena, they were sadly disappointed to find little in the way of help. Then they discovered in Texas a Children’s Hospital that looked promising. It is the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Anthony and his wife donated 5 million to assist in research. With his donation, Texas Children Hospital put up a special center for children with neurological disorders. Then they committed to an additional 7 million to help further fund the cause. Anthony Petrello even became Board of Trustee of the Children’s Hospital as well.

However, In 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit. Anthony Petrello did not just sit back as the monster storm ran savage across Houston. The storm had a large impact around the U.S. but especially for those who lived through it in Houston, Texas. Anthony Petrello’s employees in Nabors Industry jumped right in to help the community.

CEO Petrello assisted his employees and gave them paid time off to help. The employees went to various localities along the gulf coast. Mr. Petrello even offered Nabors Industry’s on-site kitchen to cook hot meals and pass out to the community. When Anthony Petrello is passionate about a cause, he jumps right in. Like he did at Yale University in the name of a great mathematician, and friend, Serge Lang.

Anthony Petrello set up an endowment scholarship of $150,000 with matching donations in the name of his close friend, Serge Lang, a genius professor who taught at Yale University. Serge Lang passed away in 2005. While Anthony Petrello may be a business giant in the oil rig field, but giving to causes he finds worthwhile may be his biggest accomplishments to date.