Easy consignment app from The RealReal

The RealReal company is an online luxury consignment store, where you can sell your luxurious items that you don’t wear or use anymore and that are taking up space. A fairly new company, founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, with now 7 years of fashion forwardness. In recent years, the company evolved to their first permanently physical store in Soho, New York. Now in 2018, because of a high demand, they have launched their second tangible store in Los Angeles, California. The company has made significant advancements along with a easy to use mobile app as well.

Let’s talk about the app, first. The is compatible with both android and apple products and both are free. The apps look just like the computer version, just smaller, yet easy to navigate. At the bottom of the app, it has a row of categories to choose from with several options and categories to select. Customizing and organizing your saved items, user friendly and the system will offer suggestions based on your search criteria. The consign category is where you have 3 ways to consign: 1) By In-Home Pickup-Request Appointment (which is where RealReal can come to your house and pickup your consignment item for free); 2) Visiting-Request Appointment ( which is where you can visit one of the two locations mentioned to drop off your items) or 3) Ship to us-Get A Free Label (Which is where you can just ship your item to RealReal).

The latest LA store is more of a modern and comfortable way of consigning and selling your luxurious items if you are interested in visiting the store in this area. Here’s what CNBC had to say about the stores of the RealReal: The store opened sometime in July of 2018. RealReal is a combination of a luxury and retailer store like T.J.Maxx or Gucci. It is their second consignment store, as more 3-commerce brands are growing rapidly as well. The new location is located on Melrose Avenue in California, which is near Glossier, Away, a Nordstrom Local store, and a collection of other retail stores on that particular street. The store in Soho, New York is significantly smaller, however, Julie the CEO, says that the new store will have a whopping 12,000 sq feet, and will have a 5,500 sq upstairs portion that will be dedicated to men only. The store will also use about 1,000 sq feet to display handbags. If you’re hungry, while shopping, the new store will also provide a café that will provide coffee, salads, pastries, and pressed juices.

Whether are you busy and need a mobile way of buying or selling clothes, or whether you want to coming to either one of the store locations for a bite to eat while you’re shopping the RealReal company has something for you.