Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Taking Amazon by Surprise

There are not too many in the retail apparel industry that take Amazon by surprise, and since this retail giant is already commanding approximately 20 percent in the retail apparel market, the closest competitor is usually miles away. That is about to change this year as one clothing company is quickly closing that gap between themselves and Amazon. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been on a tear lately, and in three short years has exploded to over $250 million in sales of high-quality workout apparel and women’s active wear. Amazon might be in for a real struggle this year maintaining that top spot if this company continues gaining ground.


When Hudson is talking about her athleisure brand, she talks about how the reverse showrooming process combined with her membership package are breaking records for her company year to year. While not new concepts, the way these are being utilized by Fabletics certainly has gotten the attention of women wanting a better shopping experience. Look closely at how things transpire at the Fabletics store at the mall, and you see women lining up to get a hold of the membership, take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz, and try on as many of the high-quality pieces of active-wear they can get their hands on. There is no pressure by the sales associates at this store because they know that once these women try on the merchandise, they will come back to buy in time.


Here is where the sales explode at Fablectics, when these same women who were in the mall shopping decide to go online to the e-commerce site. Since they are members and have tried on the apparel at the store, each piece gets transferred online to their profile page. What this does is simply take away any guesswork when it comes to shopping. If you are not sure about the sizing, like when you shop at eBay or Amazon, then you buy one piece and hope you don’t have to return it a dozen times before you get a piece that fits you. Since you know it fits because you tried the apparel on at the store, then all you do now is fill your cart with the latest pieces of fun workout apparel and active-wear.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to make the shopping experience easier for women, and they are breaking records buying her workout apparel in the millions each year. The membership to Fabletics includes discounted pricing, a personal shopping assistant, and even free shipping for all online orders. This sales technique is resonating with women who want to feel like valued customers.

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Will Fabletics Beat Out Amazon?

Fabletics is the newest brand to come out of the hands of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The brand is headlined by the amazingly talented, Kate Hudson. The company is going to offer women the quality activewear at the best prices from a wide range of brands. Today, the company is reaching headlines as they are predicting that this new brand starring Hudson is trying to take over Amazon and their active wear department. Growing a $250 million in three years, Fabletics is using a subscription based program just like TechStyle. Every month consumers pay monthly to get low cost prices on the best clothing from the most unique brands specifically in this industry. Consumers love getting a wide variety in one single location and for one small low monthly fee. It’s convenient and smart; an ingenious way to bring it all to the people.


Back in the day, all that was needed by great value brands was a nice set of quality clothing and a decent price. However, in today’s time, it’s more than that. Today, there need to be quality customer experience, exclusive design, quality brand recognition.


The one way they are going to beat out Amazon is in a way that nobody else does at the moment, and it is through the power of providing legitimate solutions to give people what they want at the right price. In the world of retail, the worst thing that could happen to them is to have people find items they like and then up buying it cheaper elsewhere. They now turned browsing into a positive. With their very few current stores currently in operation and actually in certain locations, their customers can walk in and go through what they like, and if they don’t wanna pay for it in person they don’t need to. What they like can be purchased online as well and brought straight to an online cart. They wanted to make shipping for people so easy and different through the help of their real life stores and their online presence.


Today, Fabletics is on the rise for becoming the next Amazon. And while there is no guarantee the business will beat out the huge commerce site in any way, their goal is simply to reach out to all the women and give them the outlet and the place they should go to in order to get quality active wear online.

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