Talkspace Has Upgraded Our Access To Mental Healthcare

Why Michael Phelps’ Story Matters

Michael Phelps’ story about his battle with mental health issues is inspiring and relatable. It is a great tool for letting Americans know that mental health is something to take seriously. It is also a good way to remove the stigma that places therapy in such a bad light. The stigma is what scares people away from doing it. You have those that don’t believe in it, but then you also have those that believe in it but are afraid to seek treatment because of judgement. Michael Kuznetsov is Talkspace’s VP of marketing, he says it’s often forgotten that mental illness doesn’t discriminate, anyone is susceptible to the illness. Any occupation, success or background does not protect you from the illness. With Michael sharing his story out in the open, it proves that no one is above therapy, and we can all benefit from it, regardless of status.

Talkspace Has Evolved Mental Healthcare

Talkspace bridges the gap between licensed therapists and individuals who need treatment. This help is available through mobile apps and on the web. Talkspace has changed the times by making mental health care accessible on a digital level. Talkspace is currently a leading platform globally for online therapy. The company was founded with the goal to remove the stigma attached to mental illness and create an environment where everyone in need of treatment is welcome. The platform is now available to millions of people and has been used by more than one million people since it began in 2012.

Therapy Is For Everyone

Individuals with mental health issues should know that therapy isn’t just about sharing your deepest secrets or reflecting on a childhood issue. It’s about better ways to manage daily stresses of life, living a better quality of life, and meeting your goals. Therapy is also not just for those with lots of power or money, and not just for business owners. Having a therapist just means that you have a person you can talk with who has the knowledge and skills to assist you with making good changes in your life. CEO Oren Frank says whether it’s mental illness, career decisions or a rollercoaster relationship, Talkspace can help.