Daniel Taub Continues His Work To Make The World More Israeli-Friendly

Daniel Taub is a former diplomat who was raised in the U.K. that took over as the Israeli ambassador in 2011. Along with his Palestinian counterpart, he once traveled to Northern Ireland to learn from the peace negotiation process that was taking place there. He oversaw the doubling of trade between the U.K. and Israel during his four years as the Israeli ambassador.

The time also saw an increase in business, cultural, and academic bonds between the two nations and brought about a golden era in total trade the British Secretary of State for Business announced.

The fact is, that more than 300 Israeli businesses have opened up in the U.K. and close to $7 billion in bilateral trade occurred. Read more: In conversation with Mayor of London Boris Johnson

After George Galloway, who is the city of Bradford’s representative to parliament, said that his city was an Israel-free zone, Daniel Taub decided to visit anyways.

The move was seen as a defiant one, but Daniel saw it as a necessary action to take. Before this occurrence, in 2012, he spoke in an interview on the importance of every point of view being able to express itself on college campuses.

His main concern was that Israels point of view was being hampered due to an atmosphere of fear. This statement came from Daniel years before the largest student union in Britain took a vote that passed in order to boycott Israel. Now, there is a large divide between those who do and don’t want independence for Catalonia in northeast Spain. Read more: Daniel Taub | About

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Britain and is a writer, international lawyer, and director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. He attended the University College at London, the University College at Oxford, and Harvard University.

In 1989, Daniel Taub moved to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic. After this, he decided to become a part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

He has expertise with international law and counter-terrorism and has also provided legal advice for Israel’s missions to the United Nations in New York and Geneva.

Daniel Taub has written articles that have been published in the Guardian, The Times, the Huffington Post, the Daily Telegraph, and more, and he also wrote a book that offered thoughts on biblical weekly sessions, named, Parasha Diplomatit.

Today, Daniel Taub lectures and writes on negotiation theory and international law and looks to continue to make the world a better place for Israelis and everyone else living in it.

Securus Technologies deploys Stingray technology from Mid East battlegrounds

War has always been one of the chief drivers of innovation. From the airplane technology of the World War II era to the invention of nuclear power, many of the most ground-shaking inventions of the 20th century were a direct result of battlefield applications.


This remains true to the present day. Many of the recent wars that the United States have waged throughout the Middle East and elsewhere have proven to be fertile grounds for the discovery and development of highly innovative technologies. One such technology is the so-called Stingray system, which enables the user to locate all cellular devices with pinpoint accuracy as well as the capacity to spoof and intercept phone calls and other transmissions.


One somewhat unlikely application of this highly sophisticated technology has been its newfound use throughout the prisons of the United States. Securus Technologies has done a great deal to bring this technology to the U.S. prison system, where it is used to detect and intercept illicit cellular communications and to rid the prison itself of illegal cellular devices.


To understand exactly how important and powerful this technology is, one must understand the extent to which contraband cellular devices pose an existential threat to modern carceral facilities. Prison gangs use unauthorized communications devices to carry out ongoing criminal conspiracies, including authorizing drug deals on the outside and even instructing soldiers on the outside of prison to commit murders. These illegal devices have the potential to seriously destabilize the internal security of any prison.


But with Securus Stingray technology, the scourge of illegal cellular devices is finally being met head-on with effective countermeasures. In the institutions where the Stingray system has been deployed, guards have reported a reduction of up to 99 percent of unknown cellular device confiscation. This indicates that the system is almost completely effective in eliminating unauthorized cell phones.

The Work of Advocate Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a successful advocate in the United States. He holds a law degree from New York law school. Jeremy further, holds a master in science from Chicago University. He started his career as a partner at Rosen, Lipson, Wachtell and Katz Law firm. Jeremy was in charge of corporate compensation. He quit starting his law firm called Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates. Its primary role is giving legal advice to clients that are affected by compensation issues in cases of merging and acquisition. Jeremy Goldstein central role in the firm is offering legal help to committees and chief executive officers on any matters arising from governance in their corporate world.


Jeremy Goldstein also holds other positions. He is the current chairperson of acquisition and mergers committee of Executive Compensation Committee. In NYU Journal of Law and advisory board, he is a member. He is also a member of the Fountain House that aids adults who are curing of mental disorders. He is part of the New York State Bar Associates list as one of the competent lawyers in executive compensation. He can serve a large population found on the online portal which offers legal services.


Jeremy Goldstein has a publication that he discusses different topics pertaining legal justice. He talks about Shareholder Activism and Executive Compensation where by the companies should have a say on pay. It is whereby the companies should consider changing the governance structures and payment issues. He also says that businesses should understand the amount that diverges from the shareholders and proxies interest. He also wrote about spins off guide that explains that the separation of the companies businesses by creating a publicly trading company.


Jeremy Goldstein also writes articles explaining the Knockout options to employers. He stated that businesses have stopped giving employees stock options because the stock value can decrease hence the workers lack options. The workers find that these options have a lot of accounting issues. The employers may use this options to be part of additional income, insurance coverage and also equities. The options can also lead to improving the employee’s morale, and this can lead to an increase in the company’s value. The knockout barrier applies when the value of the company reduces the workers lose their options.


Jeremy Goldstein is, therefore, an advocate who will give lasting solutions. He has carried out successful transactions that are for top companies like Duke Energy and Bank One among others.


To learn more, visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/.

Jose Auriemo Neto has Made JHSF One of the Best Performing Companies in Brazil

The name Jose Auriemo Neto and JHSF have become synonymous with the Brazilian real estate industry. Mr. Neto is the current Chief Executive Officer of JHSF. Through the risky decisions taken by Mr. Neto over the years, JHSF has revolutionized the industry. The company has interest in the hospitality sector, shopping and retail sector and luxurious mixed developments. JHSF has also recently commenced the bold move of developing the first privately-owned business airport in Sao Paulo. The company’s fortunes are only set to get better in the short-term and long-term as international expansion is already in the works.

JHSF has fashioned a reputation for itself as the trendsetter in the Brazilian real estate industry. The company was the first in the industry to seriously expand into retail by developing shopping malls in various cities across the country. In fact, the company’s shopping malls have been so successful over the years that recently a number of international brands were confident enough to have JHSF exclusively open and manage their flagship stores in Brazil. The company was again the first in the real estate scene to expand into the hospitality business by acquiring Fasano Hotels and Restaurants. Many other competitors have since followed suit but not with the same degree of success. JHSF’s most daring undertaking yet, developing a business airport, will launch the company to the undisputed top of the industry once complete.

More on Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto has been at JHSF for close to two-and-a-half decades. He has always been of great value to the company, even before being named CEO. For example, in 1997 he oversaw the development of the parking service Parkdem – thus effectively launching JHSF’s new services department. His contribution was again immense in the development of Shopping Santa Cruz, the company’s first of many shopping malls. His nous for innovation and unrelenting commitment to tasks at hand led to his promotion to CEO in 2003.

Away from work Mr. Neto cuts anything but a serious look and is fondly called Zeco by those close to him. His immensely enjoys traveling and has been lucky to visit numerous countries around the world.

Learn more about JHSF: https://www.bastter.com/mercado/acao/JHSF.aspx

Todd Lubar; Smart Homes Will Shape The Future Of Real Estate

Over the past few years, entrepreneurship has evolved from a mere quest to become your boss to a path which individuals take to achieve self-actualization. Millenials are increasingly choosing entrepreneurship because they want to make themselves better and design solutions that solve some of the humanity’s most stubborn problems. This instance is unlike the earlier crop of investors who started businesses so that they could be their managers and bosses.

Another unique approach Millennials are employing in their endeavors is tapping into partnerships. People in their 50’s preferred sole proprietorship compared to associations and worried more on their financial gains compared to millennials who are keen on helping each other go up the economic ladder.

Entrepreneurs require a particular set of personality traits for them to succeed in business. Such characteristics include self-discipline, inquisitive, transparent, passionate about what they do and above all determined. The journey towards success in entrepreneurship requires a lot of sacrifices. Without these traits, most entrepreneurs would give up along the way.

Todd Lubar is a perfect example of entrepreneurs with some of the most admirable personal qualities. These attributes have enabled him to achieve insurmountable success in the business world. Todd is an alumnus of the prestigious Syracuse University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from the college. Todd commenced his career at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked for over four years.

According to Linked In, at the moment, Todd holds the post of president of TDL Global Ventures. Lubar has been able to steer TDL Global ventures into one of the most distinguished real estate company. The enterprise focuses acquiring, rehabilitating and sale of residential homes. His broad network in the construction industry enables him to deliver quality homes at the least time possible.

Consistency and hard work have been some of the traits that have allowed Todd Lubar to carve a niche for himself in the corporate world. Of great interest to him at the moment is the concept of smart homes.

Smart homes present a lot of business opportunities to investors and a great experience to home owners. The thought of being able to control your home from the comfort of your office might have been touted as futuristic, but Todd Lubar is keen on actualizing it.

Securus Technologies Providing Efficient and Economic Correctional Technology

Securus Technologies is rightly called the market leader in the field of correctional technology because not only has company offered a broad range of products to inmates and law enforcement officers; it also ensures that its customer services are attentive and responsive. The company has gone to lengths to make sure that the customers get the best services available in the correctional industry as well as a comprehensive range of products and services. Some of the most common services offered to inmates include photo sharing service, video services, phone services, calling cards, money transfer services, voice messaging system, e-mail services, video visitation, and more. The company also offers government information management system and parolee tracking system, which adds to the company’s revenue considerably.
Securus Technologies is a company that has been growing at a massive pace in the last few years due to the rapid investments the company has been making in research and development. Securus Technologies feel that the correctional technology has a lot of scope for growth in the future, and it is only possible by making massive investments in research and development. The company recently announced investments of over $600 million in research and development, which has helped the company to continue to be the leader in the correctional sphere, especially when it comes to innovative products and services.
I am a law enforcement officer with over a decade experience and feel that the technology offered by Securus Technologies can help in ways more than one to keep officers safe and reduce the crime rate in the society. Securus Technologies has become one of the biggest suppliers of inmate communication services in the past decade, especially in North America as it offers high-quality products and services at low cost, which is getting popular among the detainees. The investigative solutions provided by Securus Technologies are also unique and efficient, which is why more and more correctional agency is opting for Securus Technologies as its service provider.

Livio Bisterzo’s Unique Food Ventures

Recently, actor Leonardo DiCaprio started investing in HIPPEAS, a natural snack food organization. Livio Bisterzo, HIPPEAS co-founder, postulates that together with Strand Equity Partners, the company will experience tremendous growth. Mr. DiCaprio has made a minority equity investment in the firm.

Livio Bisterzo is excited to welcome Leonardo DiCaprio into the HIPPEAS family. With the partnership, the company will expand its operations with a high momentum in both the US and UK. DiCaprio is highly valued in the firm due to his alignment with the vision and values of HIPPEAS.

The company has gained popularity over a short period. According to Seth Rodsky, a managing partner of Strand Equity Partners, the company’s popularity is attributed to its unique services. Hippeas is a differentiated brand. It combines nutrition with a flavor-profile that is creative. The company’s organic chickpea puffs come in six different flavors.

The flavors are Sriracha Sunrise, Maple Haze, Vegan White Cheddar, Far Out Fajita, Happenin’ Hickory and Pepper Power. The brand has acquired an unprecedented traction courtesy of its management team that is talented. With DiCaprio’s help, Livio Bisterzo’s enterprise will evolve to a better snack provider in the food industry.

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian businessman. Livio shifted to the United Kingdom in 1999 when he was eighteen years. There, Livio Bisterzo attended the University of Arts located in London. After school, Livio Bisterzo nurtured his marketing knowledge. In 2003, Mr. Bisterzo began his first venture in entrepreneurship. He created a business portfolio ranging from lifestyle businesses to hospitality (Maddox Club, Pollen St) and consumer brands like Little Miracles. Since his establishments, Livio’s brands have been recognized. In 2006, the names were quoted and featured in Vanity Fair, Esquire, Sunday Style and Harpers among others. The year 2009 was Livio’s most successful year. The Evening Standard nominated him among the 1000 most influential individuals in London.

Besides being diverse in business, Livio Bisterzo is a family guy. He is married and has three children. Together, the family resides in Los Angeles. With his family’s support, Livio Bisterzo established Green Park Holdings, a food innovation organization. Green Park creates, invests and grows new multi channel generation foods to a better-healthy person and powerful brands.

Marc Sparks Never Loses Sight of His Passion and his Fellow Man

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist and author. He is also a man who is passionate about every aspect of his life. He has written about his journey in a book entitled “They Can’t Eat You.” The book is his personal story about how he went from zero to sixty in the business world while walking the entrepreneurial path. It has become a source of inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs because Sparks describes the good, the bad and the ugly. It was easy for him to talk about his success in the business world, but it was painful for him to talk about his ventures that were less than successful. He truly believes greater lessons are learned from failures than success. Learn more: https://about.me/marc_sparks

When he experienced a failure he was forced to look at why and fix the problem and would often end up with a greater success.


Sparks story began as a high school graduate and he was involved with many start-up’s that were mostly highly successful. Some of his ventures were disastrous, but he began learning lessons right out of the gate. He was an average high school student and through perseverance, determination and dedication managed to create and sell products that were worth many millions of dollars – all with no formal training. He believes that God gives out challenges and devastating circumstances in order for successful people to truly understand and respect the responsibility of success. Learn more:  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/entrepreneur-marc-sparks-transforms-office-to-optimize-innovative-collaboration-300024747.html


One of his passions in life is to build successful companies. He often begins with an idea that others think are impossible to execute. Part of his successful business equation is to put together a positive and encouraging culture that inspires everyone involved to be a part of the success rather than just an accessory going along for the ride.


When Mark Sparks is asked how he manages to be so successful, he always attributes his success to a sense of urgency, monetization savvy, focus, tenacity, passion and faith. He mixes those qualities with great quantities of respect for others and honesty in all his endeavors and not just his business endeavors. His sense of urgency is referred to “Spark Speed.” If a task needs to be completed – just do it and get it done. Yes, give it the thought and consideration it needs, but don’t get lost in the details.


When Mr. Sparks puts on his philanthropic hat he supports a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn. Located in Texas, he and his wife adopted the facility and helped turn it from a small, run-down building into a full service facility that houses more than 150 individuals a night and feed hundreds every day. The average stay at the Inn is five months and the main purpose of the Inn is to help those who truly want to help themselves. Learn more: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/


Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, founders of the Kendall-Jackson Estates wine empire. Even though she was born into the world of wine, she showed an interest in the business at an early age. She attended Scrips College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. She then received a certificate from Stanford’s Summer Institute of General Management. As a child, she was able to learn French from a staff member’s daughter whom she played with during the summer. Now at the age of 24 and fluent in another language, she is fully immersed in the family business and works with the international sales team, located in Australia, Chile, France, Italy and S. Africa marketing to a new generation of wine consumers worldwide.

Julia Jackson is also very passionate towards “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment” a program that honors women who have hurtled over some of life’s most challenging difficulties and who motivates others to do the same in their own communities. They also reward $100,000 annually to non-profit organizations that support their mission of women as leaders and are champions of community, equality, and empowerment.

Concerned with the next generation of wine drinkers, Cambria Estate Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir was named wine of the year in 2010. Julia Jackson strongly believes that Cambria Estate and the Jackson Family Wines will be staying with the tried and true by not indulging into the short term trends that other vineyards promote to compete for the wine buying habits of the Millennials.

View: http://www.gettyimages.com/event/14th-annual-global-green-pre-oscar-party-700003922?esource=SEO_GIS_CDN_Redirect#-picture-id643954850

Most of the company’s primary revenue are attributed the Kendall-Jackson wines, with La Crema’s Pinot Noir and Chardonnay as a strong second along with KJ’s Vintners Reserve contributes to the Jackson family wines success across the United States and around the world.

George Soros Big Political Comeback

The New York based, hedge fund magnate George Soros has built a reputation as a savvy businessman, foremost philanthropist and supporter of liberal ideals and the Democratic Party. In the run up to the 2016 US elections, Soros made a huge comeback in the campaign funding with a hefty donation of $25 million to support Hillary Clinton and downstream Democratic Party candidates vying for various political offices. In a report published on Politico on July 27 2016, the $25 million donation was the highest the billionaire investor had ever given since 2004, when he offered $27 million to support John Kerry’s presidential bid against George W. Bush. George Soros is estimated to have a fortune approaching $25 billion. The reemergence of Soros, whom many conservative heads and grass root groups see as a bogeyman was motivated by a number of factors, among them his faith in Clinton’s candidacy and fear of the her GOP counterpart, Donald Trump.

To show his support for Clinton, the 85 year old billionaire set out an elaborate plan to attend the Democratic Party Convention held in the swing state of Pennsylvania to watch Clinton take the reins of the party. However, his trading engagement forced him to cancel what would have been his appearance. On his disavowal of Trump, Soros has on several occasions accused Trump and his Republican Party on a number of issues. One of the accusations that reverberated the most was a charge that Trump was doing the bidding on behalf of the ISIL terrorist group by stroking unjustifiable fears. Other than Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party candidates, the other groups that received funding from George Soros during the 2016 campaign season included PAC called End Citizen United, America Votes and Voting Rights Trusts. End Citizen United supported Clinton’s position to push campaign finance reforms while the Voting Rights Trusts is committed to fighting conservative efforts to restrict voting.

Learn more: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977

Outside politics, Soros push to support various philanthropic causes, justice and the rights of the oppressed continue to be felt far and wide. In January 2017, The Washington Times revealed that Soros was the financial center behind the Ferguson protest movement that demonstrated against the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in Missouri. For several years, Soros has been supporting the movement as a strategy to spur the masses across the US to air their pressing grievances and make the society more accountable. The support provided by George Soros is channeled to various grassroots groups through his non-profit, Open Societies Foundations. The groups support various causes including education, justice, transparency, freedom of expression and accountability. According to Opensocietyfoundations.org, Soros has given away over $12 billion in lifetime giving to various philanthropic causes.